Hi, we are Hirey!


Recruiters specializing in

Product DesignUI/UX, Research and Design Leadership.


OUR "why"

We are a boutique recruitment agency for Design Leadership, Product Design, UI/UX, Visual, Brand, Graphic (name it!) Design.

We value design. We learn design. After all, we love design! 

We believe design & tech hiring are not the same. We are here to prove that niche recruiting is perfect a way to be good, exceptionally good at hiring.

We are fully digital, remote and global, focusing mostly on full-time direct placements in the US & Europe.


  • Design Leadership

  • Product Design

  • Product Management

  • UI/UX Design

  • Visual Design

  • Graphic Design

  • Content Design

  • UX Research 

  • UX Engineering


our "WHAT"

We offer personal, dedicated support in UX hiring you can rely on. 

We know the design industry. We know UX people. We know why some companies thrive while others struggle with UX recruiting. 

We don’t simply take a brief and run with it. We listen, consult and advise you and candidates to ensure you are getting the best recruiting experience.

our "HOW"

We love what we do. That's the key. We review at least fifty design portfolios a day, each of us. And you know what? We still enjoy it so much! 

We work with Design only. It helps us know exactly how to source, reach out, review case studies, evaluate experiences and interview UX talent.


Empathize. Do the right thing. Make it happen.

Trusted by the best

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HOW it works

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Schedule a convenient time to talk with our recruitment team

Share your hiring needs


Explain who you need to hire and how quickly for every role

Get first candidates within a week!


We source, review portfolios & interview candidates, providing you with a refined shortlist

Sit back, relax and

leave hiring to us


Enjoy a transparent process with regular touchpoints & stats


Who we are



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Kristina Holysheva I Founder, Lead Recruiter

Being a child my favorite game was “Connect the Dots”. I was fascinated how having a complete freedom but knowing the right way eventually brings you to seeing the whole picture. I grew up and got absorbed by the dynamic of the tech culture. But my passion remains the same. It’s about connecting the dots in a high-tech space, helping companies and candidates connect to build game changing products.

Expert in building & leading design and recruitment teams.


Jane Pogrebnaya I Design Recruiter

For the last 10 years, I've been working in tech. I've spent few years managing mobile banking projects. Then I decided to become a UI/UX designer. As most beginners, I completed few courses,  learned design fundamentals, but as it turned out - design didn’t become my true passion. Although, it still keeps me interested in UI/UX.


Finally, my journey brought me to recruitment, that turned my attention to design again. The only difference is that now I'm not creating, but looking for those, who do - for people who bring cool ideas to life and are passioned about that.


Nataliya Yakubova I Design Talent Sourcer

I've been in international sales for 10 years before my recruitment journey started. During that time I was always focused on client's needs, truly caring about how they interact with the product.

These years taught me that people and psychology are my biggest passions, so I decided to pursue a psychology degree.


Recruitment is where psychology and professional knowledge meets with sales skills. Design recruitment is where you get creativity on top, as well as an opportunity to meet with extremely talented and inspiring professionals.

2022-09-09 14.31.07.jpg

I’ve been in recruiting for two years, and I should say it’s the best decision ever. I’m so chatty (I can talk the ears off of you sometimes), and I LOVE meeting new people, so I can’t imagine a better job for myself.


I have a lot of hobbies like swimming, horseback riding, and sewing, and I would never say that design recruitment is not as exciting as my other activities. Here I’m never bored, and it’s not just a regular job for me.


The best thing is that I work for the best companies ever. I’m so proud of my candidates and clients. I have the opportunity to communicate with the most successful, creative, and interesting people in this world whom I might never have met under any other circumstances.

What they say about us

"We don't build game changing products,

but we hire the ones that do"