Hi, we are Hirey!


Recruiters specializing in

Product DesignUI/UX, Research and Design Leadership.


OUR "why"

We are a boutique recruitment agency for Design Leadership, Product Design, UI/UX, UXE and UXR.

We believe UX hiring is not just a part of general tech recruitment.

Our mission is to promote and evolve Design Recruitment as a separate discipline.

We work with full-time direct placements in Ukraine, Bay Area and Europe.


  • Design Leadership

  • Product Design

  • Product Management

  • UI/UX Design

  • Visual Design

  • XR Design (AR, VR)

  • Content Design

  • UX Research 

  • UX Engineering


our "WHAT"

We offer personal, dedicated support that you can rely on. 

We know the design industry. A core part of our service is to get to know the people we work with so that we can provide the best, most efficient results. 


We don’t simply take a brief and run with it; we listen, consult and advise all our clients and candidates to ensure we deliver the best possible recruitment experience.

our "HOW"

We love what we do. We are dedicated to building products and interfaces that solve real-world problems.

Through our vast experience we’ve united people and products to see ideas turn into game changing products.


We’re knowledgeable, passionate and work hard to help you find what you’re looking for.

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HOW it works

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Schedule a convenient time to talk with our recruitment team

Share your hiring needs


Explain who you need to hire and how quickly for every role

Get a dedicated Talent Partner


We strategize the search, screen & interview candidates, providing you with a shortlist.

Sit back, relax and

leave hiring to us


Stay informed with our weekly reports and syncs and see the hires come in


Who we are



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Kristina Holysheva / Founder, Lead Recruiter

Being a child my favorite game was “Connect the Dots”. I was fascinated how having a complete freedom but knowing the right way eventually brings you to seeing the whole picture. I grew up and got absorbed by the dynamic of the tech culture. But my passion remains the same. It’s about connecting the dots in a high-tech space, helping companies and candidates connect to build game changing products.

6+ years in Design Recruitment for multiple clients including Google (onsite, Mountain View, CA), Deloitte, Atlassian, Corel, Cisco, PluralsightTripAdvisor.


Jane Pogrebnaya / Design Talent Sourcer 

For the last 10 years, I've been working in tech. I've spent few years managing mobile banking projects. Then I decided to become a UI/UX designer. As most beginners, I completed few courses,  learned design fundamentals, but as it turned out - design didn’t become my true passion. Although, it still keeps me interested in UI/UX.


Finally, my journey brought me to recruitment, that turned my attention to design again. The only difference is that now I'm not creating, but looking for those, who do - for people who bring cool ideas to life and are passioned about that.


Nataliya Yakubova / Design Talent Sourcer

I've been in international sales for 10 years before my recruitment journey started. During that time I was always focused on client's needs, truly caring about how they interact with the product.

These years taught me that people and psychology are my biggest passions, so I decided to pursue a psychology degree.


Recruitment is where psychology and professional knowledge meets with sales skills. Design recruitment is where you get creativity on top, as well as an opportunity to meet with extremely talented and inspiring professionals.


Mariana Ivantsiv / Design Talent Sourcer

I first learned about UI/UX ten years ago when I mistakenly received an invitation to study at the Institute of Design. 

My professional path began with journalism. I worked as an editor on television, radio, and in a magazine. Four years later I took UI/UX Design course and became passionate about how good designs can change our world for better. Still have my personal behance!

I love talking to designers, reviewing their portfolios and learning how they balance between user and business needs.

"We don't build game changing products,

but we hire the ones that do"