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At a high level, the way we’ve come to think about being design manager is pretty simple, and consists of two major components: cultivating the team and enabling high-quality work.

Cultivating the team - ensuring the people on your team are well supported, feel like they belong, have purpose, are growing, can take risks, and generally feel happy and motivated.

  • Create community and belonging

  • Create an inclusive team environment

  • Support team members’ well being

  • Plan design team activities

  • Encourage thoughtful risk taking and innovation

  • Celebrate successes and achievements

  • Address interpersonal issues and support conflict resolution

  • Enable personal growth

  • Communicate clear performance expectations on what ‘Meeting Expectations’ means and what ‘Exceeding Expectations’ means for their role and level

  • Conduct regular company performance reviews

  • Support setting and working toward professional development goals with regular check-ins and planning sessions

  • Create learning opportunities

  • Spotlight purpose and impact

  • Showcase the impact of work the team did


Enable high quality work - once they’re motivated, create processes, partnerships, and systems that let them do great work with as little friction as possible.

  • Ensure the team understands the vision and strategy and that they have the opportunity to probe and ask questions

  • Advocate team needs, pain points and expectations; help build effective cross functional processes

  • Create visibility into work and decisions happening in other areas of the organization that may be relevant

  • Ensure quality design practices

    • Create a culture of user driven decision making that informs strategy, vision, feature prioritization, and design decisions

    • Ensure the organization has an appropriate understanding of your users, their goals, pain points, and behaviors

    • Agree on key principles and expectations around user experience within the organization

    • Create regular moments of divergence and creativity

    • Create regular moments for critique and productive debate over design decisions

    • Partner with engineering to ensure the team has a scalable, flexible design system

  • Staff projects and teams, ensure workloads are balanced and reasonable

  • Support project work

    • Maintain awareness of ongoing projects and their statuses

    • Address escalations, blockers, or other issues

    • Highlight useful cross-functional or cross team connection points

    • Thought partner and be willing to jump in and help out (but don’t micro-manage).




  • Provide direction and mentorship to a diverse team of Product Designers

  • Strong skills in prioritizing, problem-solving, and seeing the big picture

  • Proven ability to lead complex UX/UI projects and an interest in coaching and training team members

  • A cross-functional perspective and strong stakeholder management skills

  • Experience with building/improving Design Systems

  • Excellent communication skills in English

  • Extensive experience in a Senior level Product design role, where you've mentored (or managed) other designers

  • Can clearly prioritize and is comfortable managing ambiguity and risk

  • Understand and supervise the user impact of design changes

  • Ability to solve complex problems and come up with new perspectives on existing solutions

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